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Old 31st March 2003
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Surely this is like comparing an 888 and an 882. The 192I/O has better convertors (it handles upto 192kHz, the 96I/O only upto 96kHz). I reckon the 96 is in the same ballpark as the 888/24 for quality, the 192 is much much better (even at lower sample rates).

If you have the budget available, don't mess about and just trade in your 888/24 for another 192. Otherwise, if you can sacrifice the 8 A/D's, throwing in the 888 for the 192 D/A option will definitely improve your sound. Also remember that tapping an 888 onto a legacy port limits your sessions to 24/48 when using the 888, so this would also mean your rig is totally 24/192 capable.