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Best Opamps to replace TL072's in TAC Scorpion-II

Hello Gear Slutz, We are a self funded school to keep kids off the streets in Boston and want to upgrade our console for the best possible sound. The 1101 input module, buss 3101 module and 4001 stereo master modules are most important. I have 25+ years in audio engineering and DIY skill-sets. Would like your honest opinions on this issue. The console uses TL072's throughout. Was wondering if we should use all OP275's for the 1101 input modules. Or use OP275 selectively for input/outputs and use the upgraded TLE2072's in the EQ section on the 1101 input modules?

Could we use BB OPA2604's or OPA2134's in the 3101 buss/subgroups and 4001 master output section? The goal here is the best possible sound quality without creating power supply overloading or circuit stability issues due to faster OPA's. Let us know if you need any more info to make a proper selection. Keep up the great audio and engineering work everyone is doing. Looking forward to your reply. With respect, Donnie Dixon.