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Originally Posted by rpagala
I have a Crane Song for sale on Ebay! great converter for mastering. Here's the link:
If you want clean I would look into the Lavry Gold, the new Benchmark ADC1 (cheapest), the newest Prism or maybe the Weiss.

I have the HEDD 192 with the newest AD DA and it's great for D-to-D in mastering, not a great AD however. It's a color AD, a little forward, narrow and lacks polish next to the almost 10 year old Pacific Microsonics Model One HDCD.

We've converted the same material with both and the HDCD pleases the client everytime over the HEDD192.

The new Hedd 192 DA is very nice, however. Still has a sound but it's damn nice

The newest Mytek 8x192 should be interesting ... 8 ch AD DA and summing that's supposed to beat the Lavry Blue in both AD and DA ... we shall see!