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Old 31st March 2003
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Digi 192 and Digi 96 sound same at 48kHz?


I am about to do the 2 bus thing and was wondering about convertors............

I have an HD2 system. A digi 192 interface and a Digi 888/24.

I am thinking of doing one of two things...

1. Trade in the 888 against a Digi 96 or...........

2. Keep the 888 and just buy the D/A card for the 192.

This would be to get me 16 channels of D/A (the 888 I would not use for D/A) into the D2b. The 888 is just used for extra D/A when tracking a kit.

What I am wondering is if the Digi 96 sounds the same as a 192 if they are both running at 48k?

Is the 96 just a stripped down version of a 192 (I would not think so but maybe I am wrong) ?

The long and short of it is I don't want to spring for another 192 unless I have to!

Any thoughts?