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Old 10th April 2009
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Futur, I'm not sure how that all works. Maybe your confirmation e-mail got spam blocked?

If you are trying to protect the capsule from spit, the Pete's place is the best. It then comes down to if you like the sonic signature or not. For me with the Pauly, I'm not sure that the audible difference between that and the Popper Stopper are worth the vast price difference.

The problem with the pencil method is that it does not block moisture. Some capsules might warrant keeping the spit off, like a nice CK12 or M7. It's amazing how just those tiny pieces of moisture find their way onto the capsule.

I've been using the Steadman and been getting fantastic vocal sounds for several years. You can totally hear it, but I'm not sure which filter I am going to use from now on. Some might be better matched to some mics. The thing I like about the Steadman is taht you can clean it, and I'm a germaphobe. LOL.