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I find that my attention span shortens when I play from the computer, - I'll rarely hear a whole album, as I will if I play the CD.
I'll keep my CD's but maybe weed them out a bit.

Actually, this is a really sad thread. The material has no value anymore. Why? We don't trust that the CD will be a widely used format anymore... Right? But still, the artwork means something, in framing the album?

It's so paradoxical, vinyl seems to survive
all the fads and digital formats the businessmen come up with. I have more CD's than vinyl btw. Guess I should have had it the other way. And vinyl even gets worn, yet it survives.

Honestly, this whole deal makes me sad, the physical album format vanishing. I mean, how many would honestly read War and Peace (if ever ...) as an E-book. Yikes. Its the same thing. We just instinctively know that digital formats are vaporous?

Books, vinyl, but not cds?