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Old 10th April 2009
Lives for gear

Thanks for all the discourse on this topic.

I just got an ipod and did a cross-country trip. Let me tell you, there's something nice about having thousands of songs-- all organized in-- one collection. I've been ripping an organizing them for the past 8 years, so my collection is prime. It's like listening to a radio station where every song is a favorite!

As a producer/engineer, it's very enlightening to put the thing on shuffle, and notice various trends across years and across genres. As someone else mentioned, it makes me want to listen to more music now. My car stereo, bedroom stereo and boombox all have aux ins, so I'm taking my music collection everywhere!

I think I will keep the discs, since I've already lugged them from Miami to LA. And they are worth far more than $1- $2.

Also, years ago I slimmed down my collection from several thousand to around 1000. Now my entire collection are things I actually want to listen to. I weeded out the industry freebies I acquired (that I didn't like) and the singles. I know I'm late to the game, but the ipod has been really inspiring. Just in time for the LA traffic jams!