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Old 9th April 2009
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I don't know how computer savy we all are...but...

FLAC, I believe, has metadata. So if one had two external storage drives ($100 USD for 1TB! Unbelievable), one could put all the flac stuff on one and...convert the flac to mp3 on the other. I believe it could be done in one fell swoop. Doesn't answer the auto bit rate conversion but...

I love the wd hd tv thing. It has hdmi / tos link out, so if one wanted, one could hook it up to a high end dac etc (which is my plan at some point) and get an extremely compact media playback center (it also does hd video etc).

Anyway, since ripping to flac I have found I listen to a lot more stuff. It used to be I had a 5 disc cd changer and I would rotate around. Last night, I cycled from Iz to DJ Spooky to Handel's Water Music.

I of course own all my music and would never trash my cds.