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Who says anything about throwing away?

a) Rip to USB drive as flac
b) - WD TV HD Media Player - External Hard Drives
c) White Paper CD Envelopes 5 x 5" S-7067 - Uline for cds
d) IKEA | CD & DVD storage | Paper & media boxes | KASSETT | CD box with lid to store cds
e) Manila folder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for art / inserts
f) recycle the plastic / paper covers

Since doing this, I have been listening to more music then ever--flac, so not mp3--and w/the cds in uline envelopes, at a FRACTION of the space. Mine is hidden in the living room...accessible via remote control, yet invisible. since its not computer driven, it's a lot easier for everyone to use. and usb storage so if one drive fills up, just get [email protected]

I actually don't keep the art for many things. I wish I had but thems the bricks.