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Originally Posted by nukmusic
and Greg, is that a 4056? I may has seen some info on it.

I think this is the one you may be talking about in New Orleans.


SSL 4056 E/G - $115

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Date: 2005-08-15, 12:14PM CDT

I have a Solid State Logic 4056 E that I am bringing up to G/G+ (audio) spec. I am about 3-4 weeks from finishing. My partner in this has worked for SSL for 5 years as a tech/ tech manager at the west coast office. This console will be operating at 200%. All incandesent lamps (all 500+ of them) will be replaced with LEDs. No more mismatching button/ switch/ VU lights. No more burnt-out bulbs (button lights -$5 ea; VU festoons- $7.5 ea). The console is loaded with 48 channels (1 empty bucket) has left hand patchbay, right hand producer's desk, Total recall, 3.5" disk drives, 4-90 processor, VU meters. Brown eq's all the way across, two tuned power supplies and changeover. I will begin to show the console in approximately one month and by appointment. I will consider all offers. This is one of four in the state (Piety Street, Balance, Nothing)and will be one of the more spectacular in the country. It has been gone through with fine attention, and no expense has been spared. Center section is immaculate G+ spec. and new caps and chips. Professional installation available by SSL technician. For more info or to set up an appointment, email Barry: [email protected] or call : (504)975-7971