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Old 6th April 2009
Here for the gear

Studio Upgrade 2-4k

I've been reading these boards for a some time now and just finally decided to join. Anyways, I'm looking to upgrade my studio but I'm on a bit of a budget. Here is rough idea of what I do have:

- Macbook Pro w/ DP5 and Logic
- 828 mkII
- Loads of Plug-ins (Waves, Sonalksis, D16, PSP Audio etc. etc.)
- Fairly Good mic selection (a few 414s and an RE-20 are the best I've got)
- Tascam M-312B console

So I'm guessing the best upgrade would be a real solid channel or two,(vintechx73i -> 1176/mc-77 maybe?) but I've also been wondering about my converter quality (will I be happy with the black lion mod? or should I go for an ensemble and get a cheaper pre?).
Oh, and I record a lot of acoustic music but also a lot of rock, so versatility is a must.

All that being said I'm open to any and all suggestions.
Thanks in advance!