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Thanks for all your answers.

Yea, I guess this is a common situation I'm thinking about:

Originally Posted by Blast9 View Post
I often add things like closed hats to a section where there's crash/ride mayhem happening:

Get the compressor crushing in an exciting way = cymbals too loud/washy

turn the level down = too indistinct

Add short hat = restore the high freq rhythmic element.
I guess I'm not alone in getting frustrated in situations like that.

In fact, when I stumbled upon, years ago, hi hats riding 16th-notes, I was like "yea, this rocks" in that very 80ies way. I did that for a few songs, but afterwards I think that was the easy solution and it leads up to this comment:

Originally Posted by robot gigante View Post
Unless there is a reason to deviate from it, my goal is to make the recording sound timeless, not dated.
I do strive for a "sound", but at the same time, a sound that won't make me want to change everything two years later.

Generally, are there a lot of 5 handed drummers in music that doesn't soon become dated in a period/genre sense (all is relative, but still) because of it's "unreal" sound? I mean, even in rather recent urban productions, I can't say I've actually thought about drums being "unreal" except for soundwise. Is that because it is skillfully placed or because people know their **** and work with good recordings, if using live drums?

(I'll admit off hand that I can't say I've spent much time actually checking for it systematically myself.)