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ideals are to lead, some can´t just be realized any way, any time I think.
I think Mr. Generic has contributed greatly to the matter with a suting example from a man whop understood very well how peace makes sense.

Hi 7,

I don´t know if I can be too reasonable and concentrated today. Have been pretty desolate the last two days, hoping yesterday morning, unsure in the evening, went out drinking in the night and dreaded again when returned home and I still don´t know if a good frined of mine will make it through.
He is a cat. An incredibly lovely being.

I think I can hear the best intentions from what you say.
But there seems resignation too. Lumping of the protesting with the suppressing and ...

Hey, the golden rule of "in between" counts only sometimes. Many times it´s just a half chewed ... mediocrity, yes.

Since WW II it has become all fashionable to put any "extremes" on the same value, which might sound sophisticated but is simply undigested claim.

Not saying, you were on that fashion, just mentioning it to express a general annoyance to me.

Completely agreed on the F/ M thing. The tendency due to chemical environment and reanimated archaics is towards overweight of males and that for certain does no good.

To reduce social critisism on jelousy however is pretty ordinary and not on par in my opinion to the other reasonable insights you expressed.
Very different level of ratio.

Man, there is enough ethical basement that could do it without such simplicistic motivation for realizing what´s up. Ordinary interpretation just discredits a lot of hard earned consciousness and sincere goodwill out there I think.

Anyway, asking for a stop of insanity without question is just resonable and worth it. In fact the only way to go.

Accompanying global career, merely peace-wishing makes a practical wipe-away for the definite instances in power. In the same time prevents zero tendency of injustice.

We have guys like our Logan from Canada who had their heads smashed and been risking their lives while standing up for their consciousness. Spirits like these in the past have been a major contribution to what brought us the legacy we have.

Without preceding outstanding courage from ethical rebells we´d all be running around with remote collars granted nothing.

It is not only that civil courage was the most productive to personal rights, but that you cannot rid yourself of established utilization only by keeping peace.
Because there are situatitions of "peace" which would be meaning peace towards circumstances against you. There is the peace of self-destruction.

Like say a sit down strike against a combine harvester or a flood or ...
There are situations better to move.
Sure, resistance would be best when public is requesting it, but public gets ready rarely while people like mentioned above stand by their insights yet when peace being rejected by established execution, without looking back after public shelter.

The people who go demonstrating and for instance oppose redneck meetings, eventhough knowing that the police will be threshing on the side of the right wing by default and be brutal at it, are invaluably fine individuals taking the rap for the awareness they obviously have.

They over time have pathed the way for many of us to live in much better environment than in discriminating societies of e.g. just 30 years ago.

It wasn´t always doable in peace, but they did what they felt they had to do. Some might have a teeth, an eye or a life less today, but their senseful attitude won´t inflate.

Peace is an ideal and it´s great when it can be had.
I would be first to ask for it.

I am looking at my dizzy cat back from the doctor. He alone already is the perfect example for deserved peace. It doesn´t get more innocent anywhere in the universe.

Why must he come to suffering desease only because the fodder industry thinks the prices weren´t enough for granting high life already and that they had to put mureatic acid treated connective tissue in the cans instead of meat?

That is offence.

Fraud is offence.
Purloining of power is offence.
Steal of lifetime is offence.
Steal of vision and information is offence.

Beneficiaries won´t comply to peace it seems. They do not care whether people try to resist in peace or not.
If they cared peace could work.