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when and what was the most recent plug for windows? if you show no real interest in the market they'll show none to you. i don't know about the mac side but they've been surpassed by a ****load of pc plug dev's, i'd sooner check some synth-edit plugs before i check to see if they've updated their vocoder. this reminds me of the dev that did devine machine, he blamed piracy but honestly, despite the niche kvr love, folks weren't going crazy for it, and it wasn't being pirated on the scale of waves, or even guru, which was part of they're original development (which fxpansion got outright and vastly improved).

yes, piracy is bad but it's impossible to determine how much real business is lost as there's no way to guage if those people would buy it in the first place. some are 'hobbyist', some are 'pro's', some are just internet collectors