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idiot-proof DAW software?

My live recording biz has suddenly gotten busy and I find myself having to burn CDs almost everyday, either from the original DAT recording or from the CD dupe of the DAT. In almost all cases, the CD that I'm giving to the client needs to be re-ordered, or the songs need to be properly spaced, or maybe even something fancy like a fade-out or two. I'm even considering the occasional request to add an overdub or two. Short of the overdubbing, I know that I can handle most of the other tasks with the CD burner software and some basic Windows file management. But the workload keeps increasing and my amount of available time keeps decreasing, so I could use some real audio software. I don't need 48 tracks or a sack full of plugins, but a very basic editing package that also allowed me to record 4 to 8 tracks would be GREAT! Pro Tools Free would almost be overkill, but it doesn't run on Windows 2000 pro, which is the only OS that I use on any of the home and/or work computers. Is there a simple alternative to Pro Tools Free that runs on W2000? Free is always fun, but a super simple package that doesn't cost too much would be fine. Suggestions?


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