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Originally Posted by StoneinaPond
7rojo7 is right. You cannot fight for peace. You can fight for justice, you can fight to overthrow entrenched power bases, but you cannot fight for peace.
Apparently incorrect political correctness.

You should had told the buddhist monks I have seen fighting that you knew of a better solution.

When there is no alternative fights will be to come to peace.

And you guys could try to leave the model you are thinking of for a moment.
You are probably thinking of cases like ethnical conflicts where your claims would be true, because a defeated ethnic group would stay in condition and defend itself.

This is a different case from taking the power away from mafia structures. People are way mightier than any mafia.

Seems like you merely can´t think without given conditions, while not picturing a situation superficially desperately different from today.


PS: Just re-read your post. Think to understand it better now. Seems you are relating to direct time / immediate condition, which is not being discussed however. No question that revolting people wouldn´t be in peace with establishment they overthrow.