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Hello, first post here. I have seen those types before. Infact I just bought 4 of them!! 2 of them have a female 6 pin connector with a diameter thats alittle bit larger than the standard XLR. The other 2 have standard male XLR connectors. However I do not have "Stand Adaptor" for any of them. To my knowledge the "Stand Adaptor" should have a male 6 pin on the microphone connecting end and an XLR on the other. So these mics really need the adaptors to be mounted. The serial # for the 6 pin mics are aprox 238 and 240. LOW!! They are very minty, I think perhaps because being a 6 pin connection they were used very little. The Other 2 are in the 2000's and only 3 numbers apart and are in excellent cond. So I'm looking for a male 6 pin a little bigger than XLR that coincide or the "Stand adaptor". I just dont want to modify these mics if I dont have to. These mics were also from Eastern Europe if that helps. The XLR ones sound fantastic by the way. CK12's and all. Any help would be very appreciated.
Thank you.
hi jim, i have 2 stand mounts if you want to pm me. cheers.