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Hi Tony!

As a student of Berklee's MP&E program, I'm curious how you (as both an engineer and a Berklee grad) take to Berklee grads out in the industry.

I have heard mixed things, like how some engineers have a list of items that a Berklee grad should change about how they work because of bad habits at Berklee, or how it's a big plus that someone went through 4 years and $120,000 to really learn something they love.

In looking for interns, assistants, etc., does a degree in audio engineering (and more specifically, from Berklee) affect your decisions?

Also, Berklee constantly has visiting artists/producers/engineers who come and either run a master class, run a quick session in Studio A, or just visit some classes. (George Massenburg usually comes about once a semester). I was wondering if that is something that you have done, or would do in the near future. I speak for the entire program when I say it would be a pleasure and an honor to have you there.
Dear Pastro,
Humm... let me start from the bottom; I have come to Berklee to speak and do demostrations and am in fact speaking with Carl Beatty now about another trip.

Yes, a perspective intern/assist who has been through a production/engineering prog (Berklee, Full Sail or other) will always be given extra attention. That being said, I will also expect more from them. I've been let down almost as much as I've been impressed, so study hard! I did.

I think you'll be taken for the person or perspective industry professional you are. Don't worry too much about where you went to school, but how much you learned, and if it made sense to you.

good luck,