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2 x reverb questions for ya Tony!thumbsup
Hey Guys,
Great questions. I've got to run this morning to make my class at NYU. Hopefully, I'll be able to answer this between students.

Briefly, tho, I use lots of different types of verbs. I still use Lexicon (outboard) stuff when I can get it. I've got a couple PCM 70's as well. I've got an ol Yamaha Rev 1 that my assistant just plugged back in for me. ...and I go through the usual suspects internally.

I use the Waves IR, Altiverb, RVerb, ReVibe. One of my faves is the Eventide Reverb from the Anthology pack. I can really do a lot with that one. Get it to sound like a real room or an old plate.

Okay, More later,