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Hey. Love your work. Christina Get mine you get yours was LOVELY.

Anyways, I am on a budget here and about to build my own studio. I dont think i have enough room for a big vocal booth so i was wondering what your thoughts were about tracking in the control room. Do you get alot of songs where someone used dynamics or even condensers in the CR? Is Mic bleed annoying? What about overdubbing in the CR?

Hey J,
I love tracking vocals in the control room. It's so much more intimate and easier to communicate and hear the subtleties of what the singer is doin. I like recording everything that way, if I can.

There is more and more material handed to me, these days, recorded in less the perfect sonic environment. As long as I'm able to eq and compress without changing the tamber of the vocalist. When I compress, I don't want to hear too much of the room from the mic.

Really, it's about the performance enhancement when the vocalist records in the control room or better yet, there isn't a control room.