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Originally Posted by YUGA View Post
new nehalem mac pro geekbench score
11226 (2.26GHz 32-bit)
MacPro4,1 : Geekbench Result Browser

About 25% faster than the previous 2.8GHz model.
But something is strange with the numbers, the memory results should be twice as high with the new DDR3 modules and "Processor integer performance" is kind of low too? I think its due to the 32 bit version of Geekbench used in that particular test.
Check out the top two results with the top end 2.93 machine with the 64 bit version.
New world record ! And if you look at the numbers the great result is due to the faster RAM but even more important is the fact that geekbench sees 16 cores and the multithreading results is almost twice as good as the older 2.8 machine, but in reality two virtual cores coming from one physical canĀ“t be twice as fast as a single physical core.. I have to do some more research in this subject to clear my mind from this mystery...
Top Geekbench 2 Results : Geekbench Result Browser