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Hey Tony!

Thanks for coming here and sharing your wealth of knowledge with us! I consider you one of the most tasteful mixers out there. Lovin' the new Jason Mraz by the way! Here's my question...

Asides from a great performer/performance, what techniques do you apply do get such smooth and well thought out background vocals? BEP's "Where is the love" and Marc Anthony's "I need to know" come to mind. So smooth and tasty. Do you find less is more in terms of track count or is there more happening here then we realize? Any tips you can share would be great. Panning, Compressors, FX, anything you feel like sharing!

Thanks a bunch! Cheers!


Dear Matt,
Thanks for the props. I do lots of things depending on how the BGVs are working with the track. In the case of BEP; Justin had he's bv's on two tracks already blended for me. (and they sounded great). We added Fergie and there was a few tracks of Will as well. That mix was mostly about finding the best levels between everyone. I wanted only hints of Fergie and Will. Justin was really made to be the 'colaborator' in that track, so he needed to be heard.

Mark Anthony is such a great vocalist he had layed lots of tracks (full vocals in Spanish as well) I did in that case find the best and use as support for him. Lowering the others so it wouldn't sound like a gang...