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So many recording artists it seems now, regardless of their
career status, are recording some tracks at home or in other
non-studio environments.

How often are you getting tracks recorded at home or elsewhere
(outside a pro-studio environment) AND do you see issues with these
tracks? Pitfalls to avoid?

Really appreciate your time here!
Hey Redrue,
Ya, that's happening much more so than ever before. In some ways it's great; if the artistic direction allows it. i.e. a guitar vocal track by a singer song writer, or groovy hipster band, going for 'lofi' in their rehearsal room.

It becomes a problem when producer/writers start recording vocals and instruments in acoustically challenged environments and then expect it to sound like a giant pop song. When they want it to compete on that level, they've got to pay attention to those details.

Now that being said, I just completed a few mixes on the Reni Lane new release and my friend Dave Patillo recorded most of the tracks in his personal studio. He did a great job at knowing when to spend a little dough and rent a mic and good pre. As well as, head out to a 'proper' room and record a drum kit. This shows that the idea of 'Multiroom' recording can work great if done with the care and consideration it deserves...