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Old 9th March 2009
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Hi Tony!

As a student of Berklee's MP&E program, I'm curious how you (as both an engineer and a Berklee grad) take to Berklee grads out in the industry.

I have heard mixed things, like how some engineers have a list of items that a Berklee grad should change about how they work because of bad habits at Berklee, or how it's a big plus that someone went through 4 years and $120,000 to really learn something they love.

In looking for interns, assistants, etc., does a degree in audio engineering (and more specifically, from Berklee) affect your decisions?

Also, Berklee constantly has visiting artists/producers/engineers who come and either run a master class, run a quick session in Studio A, or just visit some classes. (George Massenburg usually comes about once a semester). I was wondering if that is something that you have done, or would do in the near future. I speak for the entire program when I say it would be a pleasure and an honor to have you there.