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Hi Tony,

How does mastering influence your finished product? When you send out a finished mix, are you leaving room for the mastering engineer to EQ and limit, or do the mixes leave your studio 'loud and proud'?


Hey Audio,
I come from the school of 'leaving room' for the mastering guy to do his/her job. I also don't believe our current 'level wars' will be the last word in audio. That being said, 10, 20, 40 years from now, when the owners of my mechanicals are doing a re-issue, they'll be ready to master with tomorrow's standard of gain and level. As a professional audio engineer, I feel this is my obligation to music, not my clients at the time, but the audience.

When I was a young engineer, there was a lot of archiving of sixties recordings to the 'new' digital formats. I was on a session where we were copying some James Brown masters over to Mitsubishi digital. When we put the faders at zero, coming from the 8 track one inch masters, the songs were done! Mixed. Perfect!!! They sounded like the JB songs I had grown up with and loved. Even though the Drums and Bass were blended together on tracks 1/2 and Mr Brown was scuffling about while he sang, the recordings were perfectly mic'd to capture the best performance and sonic integrity of the artist.

The engineering on those records was apparent and impeccable! I applaud the guys who made that history and feel it's my job to continue their legacy by 'training' the next generation of engineers to have the same concern for what they're doing.