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Logic Pro Multicore Benchmarktest !

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Here is a very simple benchmark test. Download the zipfile located on the link above.
Open with Logic 9.1.3 or higher. Then un-mute tracks one by one and check how many tracks your computer is able to run.
It is ok to hit play again after initial overloads. Logic has to "Learn" how to spread the processing load.

As of 9.1.3 you can now set the number of threads within Logic. preferences. For best performance set maximum threads instead of automatic.

Feel free to email your results to me, [email protected]

Chart updated 2011-09-03

Logic uses a fixed playback buffer which is ( not confirmed ) 512 samples so I/O buffersize and Process bufferrange doesn´t affect performance in this test as it is a playback only test.
But to be futureproof I recommend 256 samples and medium buffer.

It is though one parameter that affects performance and it is "Track Mute/Solo behaviour", it should always be set to "CPU saving" which I think is default. You find the parameter under preferences/general. There is also a parameter within EXS24 regarding virtual memory that affects performance which is default to the best setting.

Logic has currently a limit of 16 threads.
Logic can utilize virtual cores VERY good.
If your choice is between dual or quad CPU. ALWAYS go with quad.
If your choice is between quad CPU with or without hyper threading. ALWAYS go with hyper threading.