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Slightly off topic (although I am supposed to get an MA-5 to check out next week, so I'll have more to say about that then...) But I just wanted to add my own personal experience with Avedis.

I bought a couple of vintage 550As on Ebay from BA Enterprises about a year and a half ago. They were early datatronix modules (version with two opamps under a daughter board) loaded with Avedis 1122s. They sounded fabulous, but within a couple weeks of getting the pair, one of them went dead; apprently some badly-repaired broken traces on the pc board in one of the modules kept on causing all kinds of direct and residual problems.

I went through a few rounds of sending the bad module back to BAE where Mark went out of his way to try to get it up and running, all to no avail. Eventually, he decided to pass the module on to Avedis, who proceeded to spend an unreal amount of time and effort getting this thing to work properly. This was all volunteer work on his own time - I couldn't believe the lengths he went to to help out someone who wasn't even one of his customers, not to mention all for an ebay purchase! Just amazing. Eventually, everything got straightened out, and both modules have been in daily use for the past year with no issues (knock on wood...)

But I was totally amazed at both Mark and especially Avedis' time, care, and expertise; both of them were amazingly generous and dedicated and obviously passionate about what they do. It was inspiring, and I'm excited that I'm finally "returning the favor" so to speak by getting at least one (for now) MA5.

Thanks again!
this is a very very awesome example of what i talk about in my reviews when i say three thing i want to see in a gear choice.

one: customers service, and do i like the guy behind the company.
two: build quality.
three: sound.

and i view these in this order.
if i can not get customer service, then i do not even care how it sounds.
means nothing.
if the build sucks, i do not care how it sounds, as i do not like dealing with headaches and grief.
this dose not mean their is not affordable gear out their, it just means i am not doing junk, or crappy build gear.
and it gear pass within reason on these points, then and only then do i care how it sounds.

and for the record,
Avedis is a awesome guy, and he has proven time and time again his passion for this industry!
he is always going out of his way to help folks.