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It's not me, it's the owners of the Ma5s Tony, don't you see, listen how they down every other preamp in almost every comparison, LOL. How was that comment negative? That clip of the Ma5 showed me that the Ma5 is a great vocal preamp and that sound is what you hear on the radio today. Why do you think I dislike Avedis. I never said anything bad about the guy, but I have said some things about the owners of the Ma5 preamps though and deservingly so. The buzz elixir sounds round, warm, and in your face and the Ma5 sounds edgy, tight, and in your face. The Ma5 has the sound most records have today, especially Hip-Hop records. I prefer a warm, round sound. Then if I need to, I can always add eq to brighten things up. By the way, Tony, I'll be talking to you in the up and coming weeks because I want one of those Ma5s to add to the arsenal. You are demanding sometimes you know that brotherheh. I would hate to have too work with you in the studio, LOL.
I know from experience that Avedis has first class customer service and stands behind there products, I also assume that Buzz does as well, Both preamps are excellent I just happen to like Buzz better for what I do, I can only hope that Avedis and Buzz continue to deliver their great gear in the future because right now its pretty damn good.