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For what its worth, I've used both. I could record great music with either, or neither, for that matter. There is a RIDICULOUS amount of great gear available in the world today. Getting all worked up about these little, tiny, differences in tonal textures is, quite simply, stupid. Notice any trends here on GS? Like how NO "shootout" is worth a poop. Period. Its just a great beginning to a pissing match every time. The sad thing is that the person who posts the files for said "shootout" is oftentimes just trying to be helpful. I just find myself not finishing reading alot of threads because of this tripe. Now the discussions on mic placement for typical apps, production techniques using different types of equipment, modifications and fix-ups for gear, and discussions about vintage gear are great. More discussions about GEAR and less about SHOOTOUTS. Its gearslutz, still, right? Not Shootout Slutz? . . . . . . . .

end rant.

Well put.

Would anyone judge a car's performance by a video taken from the driver's seat?