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Hi Tony,

Great to have you hear.
From one of your other posts it seems you are mixing in a "hybrid" way - doing some mixing in ProTools and then summing analog.

A couple of questions:
- do you insert analog compressors just before the analog summing? And if so, how do you deal with automation. E.g. if you put a distressor on the vocal and still want to automate, how do you do that?
- how many AD/DA cycles could their be on a typical track? Is there only one DA and then the summing or (as an answer to the question above) do you go DA/AD for processing and then again DA for the summing?


Hey Dirk,
Lets start with summing analog and where it goes from there...
1. I take 'blended' outputs from Tools into the Chandler.

out1/2>Drums, out 3>kik, out 4>snr, out 5/6>Pno/rhodes/wurli, out 7/8>Guitars, out 9>Bass, out 11>LeadVox, out 12>Lead Adlib, out 13/14>BGVs, out 17/18>MoreBGVs, out 19/20>Synths or more Keys, out 21/22>Strings, out 23/24>Extra, out 29/30>Internal FX,

I have a bunch of channels of Hardware Inserts which are patched permanently, so I can select an outboard comp or eq and it'll show up Pre-Fader in Tools. So there is an extra step of D/A-A/D happening only on Pro-Tools tracks I choose to put a plug-in on.

On my Neve console (outputs 41-48 from Tools) I have inserts (including the board eq) patched permanently. This way I can choose the summing based on the Sonic Quality of the outboard insert.

Everything from the Neve and Dangerous 2Bus gets brought into the Chandler inputs 15/16.

The Chandler output goes straight to my Pendulum ES8 for mild compression and then into the Lavry 4496 and digitally back into Tools.

Everything is locked via the Big Ben clock.

I'll get back to this tomorrow night if that's okay...