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Old 5th March 2009
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Presonus tech support woes

I don't know if any one else here has has as bad of an experience, or in this case, lack of, with presonus tech support.

I've tried making several calls to their tech support line and have been put on hold for over 30 minutes before giving up as no one picks up the phone line.

I've also sent them email regarding a problem I have with my Firebox. There is an automated response to my email which says i should receive a response within 24 hours... I have never received one.

I feel that this is the only way for me to get some kind of information... I have been a long time user/supporter of presonus products. I have rarely had any issues with their hardware, and this being the first time trying to contact customer service I am deeply disturbed.

I'm just wondering if anyone has had as terrible experience as i have.