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Old 5th March 2009
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What's your master 2-bus looking like?

Hi Tony,

There is a lot of discussion on mixing with compression on the master 2-bus, and I was wondering what kind of goals do you mix with in regard to this.

Do you mix with compression on your master faders, and if so, do you typically have a standard amount of reduction you go for? Do you aim for a consistent average level for every mix you do? I know with my clients, if I am sending them 3-4 songs mixed for them to review, they might comment that one is slightly louder than another, which is more of a mastering issue I think, but they don't realize that.

Lots of people talk about how once a limiter is put on a mix by the mastering engineer, the mix will change (sometimes drastically), and so there is debate on whether or not to mix with a limiter, check your mix with a limiter every so often, or don't use one at all. What are your thoughts on all of this, and what do you find works best for you (and the mastering engineers you've worked with) as far as printing your mixes and getting great results once it has been mastered?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us!