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give us one example of an unforgettable moment in the studio, pls

When working on the mix "One More Chance" for Notorious BIG at Hit Factory studio A (no longer in existence), I worked on the mix for almost two weeks. After about five days the track was printed and most of Faith Evans' vocals. Big was in an out during this time and sometimes would sit next to me and jus listen. For two days, he would jus say, play it one more time. I tried to keep myself busy by tweakin this or that, and he'd jus keep saying play it one more time... after sitting next to me for several days he finally said, "aiight, put up a mic". He went in (no paper, no pens) and knocked out his vocal and adlibs. Killed it. I don't think there were more than two punches on the whole vocal track!

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