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Originally posted by e-cue
Maybe I'm not following you Sofa but if you change the dynamics fader in Soundreplacer, doesn't that adjust your dynamics so you don't get the rapid fire effect? Esspecially when you trigger 3 samples at 3 different thresholds. Did I miss something?
In my experience, sound replacer can only differentiate between pretty decent jumps in velocity.
The kind of jumps a consistent professional drummer, hopefully hitting consistent similar dynamics, will not display.
The long and the short of it is, the drummers I work with, I only seem to trigger one velocity layer.

Unless it’s a ghost note, crescendo or decrescendo, it seems to be seeing just the top velocity.

The example I gave in my previous post was one of a typical FFF snare fill ala Cheap Tricks "Surrender". Sound Replacer would see those triggers as the top velocity level, and assign one sample to all of them.
That one sample repeating like 12 times in a row.

So I guess I wish there was greater resolution in the velocity fader to combat scenario 1
And a "rotating" or "successive /repeating" note option so even when you are at full velocity, there would be note variation at that level.

Hopefully that clears up my point