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Hi Tony.

Could you give us a run down of the gear you use please? Also your key "can't live without them" plug-ins.

You seem to work in a hybrid way with hardware inserts etc. How many inserts from Pro Tools do you have coming up to patch (and from what converters)? Do you further insert across the Neve Melbourn?

On your main website picture, photos section, what is the digital controller console just in front of the screen? (In one of the polaroids, with WILL I AM, this seems like it is extended - or is this another place?)

Do you miss working on a large format console or do you think that with your current set up you have the best of both worlds now?

Many thanks in advance,


Dear David,
Can I answer you in spurts? I'm a bit crazy trying to deliver several songs before the weekend.

My gear: Distressors, Alan Smart C2, Neve 33609/c, Chandler TG1, Pendulum Audio ES8, GML 8200, XLogic Rack with 4eq's 4 comps, UA 1176, Teletronics LA3a, 12chan Neve Melborne with 33114 eq's, Chandler Summing mixer, Dangerous 2bus, dbx 160x, MXR Flanger/Doubler, Lexicon PCM 70, Thermonic Culture Vulture, SPL Transient Designer, Imperical Labs Fatso, Digidesign Pro-Control, Apogee D/A 16x, Digidesign 192, Bryston 4B, ProAc Studio 100, Tannoy Sytem 1200, Monster Power, Lavry 4496, Crane Song Avocet, Yamaha Rev1, Ursa Major Space Sta, Waves MaxxBCL, Wurlitzer Pno, Vox AC50, John Hardy mic Pre's, Rolls ProMatch, RhythmAce

more to come...