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Originally Posted by Ruudman
But SRC is not activated for my analog in's, still they get affected
when SRC is only used on the digital in's.
Analog 1-8, digital 9-16, external sync.
My interface up/downsamples the incoming digital signal, and leaves analog alone.
Only but it doesn't...


I suppose that I'm gonna ignite a flame-fest with this but I know that quite a few high end hifi mfgrs (Linn, Naim, Resolution and Arcam, to mention a few that I know of) allow the user to shut off the display (usually LED) since it can spew noise into the signal path because of it's proximity. I would imagine that it's possible that any electronic activity could do the same. (If that's indeed what you mean; that a 'supposedly' unrelated function could affect the analog inputs.)