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The AM660 mono module is, as we all know, $1299 - making a pair about $2600. I was just wondering about something... let's say there was a dual channel rack unit (same specs, everything identical but format) that we'll call the AM670 - how much do you think it would cost? I often wonder how much money we save with the 500 series modules - a lot, I imagine.

I don't want my stance on this thread to be misjudged; I am a big fan of 500 series and rackable units alike. This is a thread in favor of the 500 series and the ways in which designers/manufacturers are able to cut costs because of it... merely a thought based on the question of value that's interesting to ponder.

Anyway, my guess is that our hypothetical AM670 rackmount unit would be about $4000, but I could be completely wrong.

BTW- i bet the AM670 isn't that farfetched anyway. at least that's what i heard...
i understand 660s and 670s are biased differently. from conversations with Greg Amels i gathered he thought a 660 can sound slightly better than a 670, that's why they went for the 660, but this is conjecture on my part.

FWIW i and several others didn't hear a difference between the Ana 660 and a very pristine genuine 670 once.