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the problem I get most commonly is that midi/audio sync thing where it just starts ticking when you try to play and you have to quit and open the program again.
i also used to get this problem , but not recently.
i wish i could point what the cuse of this.
(and it's blows my S3's woofers away)

also i've got 2 more problems -
* sometimes when i set the buffer to 2000ms , logic get stuck suddenly when i hit the play , the mouse don't move smooth and the PC get's so slow i have to restart handly.
* sometimes when i'm open and close the logic and than open it again it stuck at the intro run at this point: "loading external editor comunication"
or something like that...than again have to restart.

no memory problems cuse i've got only 256RAM.


i wish we all could share ower information and get to some point when we will know wich exactly hardware works properly and smooth with Logic 5.5.1.

my setup:
AMD 1800 , 256RAM , Motherboard GA-7DXR , RME MULTIFACE , Seagate HD.

i'm still don't know if my next PC will be MAC or PC .
i can work fine with logic 5 if i could only will know what hardware should i get so she will run good.

i'm getting to think that Intel chip and Gigabyte Motherboard will be good.
don't know about memory yet enough.

ppl telling me that the pro's works only with MAC's , that MAC is more stable for long sessions and logic 7.1 is great.

i think the audio engine is the same **** and only got to do with your soundcard.

i also work on a system with G5 , logic 7.1 , tiger & Protools TDM.
it get stuck sometimes but i'm sure it's beacuse the TDM or EVB or smothing like that and not the G5-Logic 7.1 relations.