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Question LAP 5.5.1 works fine for me ...?!


I've been running 5.5.1 on my P4 for over a year now , and it's got some little bugs, but i don't get that memory thingy.

I AM using dual channel RAM - (2x512MB at 400MHz) ... it could specifically be your motherboard or the brand of RAM (just a guess though)...
I wish that there were still the emagic bulletin boards, I basically learnt how to use the software + hardware restrictions etc off it.

I can tell you that my RAM is Corsair, I have a p4 2.8GHz.

Just wish I had a decent soundcard and second hard-drive - the problem I get most commonly is that midi/audio sync thing where it just starts ticking when you try to play and you have to quit and open the program again.

Hope this is helpful...

- Jeremy