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Old 23rd March 2003
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Hell, I don't even use closed cans for vocals. I'd rather give the vocalist a pair of Sennheiser HD580's, because they're SO much better when it comes to sound and comfort. I'll even use them for group vocals. I have to do a "strip silence" and carefully trim everything before it hits the compressor, but I think avoiding fatigue is very important. A couple times I ended up with drum loop leakage - no big deal.

I'm similarly picky when it comes to drum headphones. I'm a drummer, and I found all the isolation 'phones on the market to be horrible - either bad sound, poor isolation, very uncomfortable, or all three. I ended up sticking a pair of Radio Shack 'phones (their $40 on-ear model) inside a pair of Peltor hearing protectors.

If anyone is in the headphone business, I'll be glad to show you how I put them together, because they're a lot better than any of the stuff on the market.