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hey benja - please do note that i said:
"house band members notwithstanding - i imagine those dudes are all total pros"

it is pretty clear that everyone in paul's band is a very experienced professional, capable of dealing with anything you can throw at them.

i will have to continue to disagree with you about nirvana, though i can respect your opinion. just because i never got them, does not mean they did not connect solidly with their audience. just like guns n roses - i thought they pretty much sucked too, but my son loved them. i can accept that. i told you it was a rant, AND i told you i was old - but all that said, i still do not see any bands around right now that have the kind of raw creativity and melodic invention of the groups i mentioned in my post. or even any individual artists. there are a few i like okay (craig david comes to mind), but where is the new joni mitchell or james taylor or sting? it sure isnt rihanna or kanye west or beyonce or john legend - they are pretty good, but ultimately not in the same league.

anyway, keep posting - it is all about ideas and opinions. mostly, i just enjoy recording, mixing, and producing anything i have the opportunity to get to do...

All good!

Sorry, didn't see that in your post. There are plenty of technically amazing bands out there doing it though. Have you ever listened to much Muse or Marsvolta? Those to bands come to mind right away. Check out the albums "The origin of symmetry" by muse and "deloused in the comertorium" by the Mars Volta. You might be plesently surprised at the degree of musicianship.