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Old 22nd March 2003
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The only live sound I do is small club walk-ins and I get to work in some of the better places and better artists in the area. Probably the biggest place I work at holds about 300 max but it's only been over 200 a handful of times.

Most of the time I do kick and if it's a four piece I'll wedge a 57 about 4" off the drummers right knee and aim it at the snare. If it's a five piece I might do toms and kick or maybe kick and overhead. If the place is due to be really packed (presales) or the band is really loud I'll go all out and do kick, snare and toms. I use my vocal mics for overheads unless I'm forced at gunpoint to put up a dedicated overhead.

I've only done a few outdoor gigs with a 5-8k watt system and the band under a tent. Those are always a blast.