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Musiclab - I'm not sure I know what you mean. Do you mean that there's diminishing demand for players? Or studios have regular session players and don't need many new ones?
Sorry for missing your question, years ago there was a fairly big session scene i n NY. It was mainly based around playing on jingles. The record work was primarily on r&b , disco, with jazz and rock work not being as a plentiful. The session scene in NY is more rap and hip hop now, not much need for players. The jingle scene which was where the work was has gone away. Most is being done in small facilities with the writer producer doing everything.
Musicians in NY, earn a living by being flexible, doing a club gig, a club date, a session, a rehearsal , a show either on or off broadway, whatever they can.
Hanging out around town and getting known is important. For the rock thing
LA is a better town. And thats where most tours start from