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Originally Posted by scott petito
thats curious about Allaire's interest... I would think dumping the ssl would put a serious dent in any mix biz they might any rate Bearsville had a great 8068 one of the great consoles of all time
That's what I thought too, but their thought is that the Great Hall studio has such amazing rooms they would get much more tracking work with another Neve... Right now they have 18 racked channels of 1081s in the SSL room to track through but that's really not enough.

They already have a 32 channel 8068 in their Neve room and that gets allot of use for tracking.... I was joking with the studios tech, Ken McKim, that he just wants another nice old Neve to insure job security! It seems the tracking work is the most steady for them so I think they want to start to specialize.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what pans out....