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Originally Posted by hitphy
if some 1 can tip me what pc hardware to buy so my logic will work properlly i'll be very thanksfull.
huh i would like to know that too .Besides hardware it's really tricky to choose which vst plugins do not crash logic .If i remember correctly version 5 of waves plugins crashes logic.I think 4.0 worked ,dunno does 5.2 work.Hydratone is buggy in logic too.I really don't know what to reccomend hardware wise for LAP 551 .All these new pecees are big can of worms and people do not test new setups with lap anymore .If i was about to buy pc just for that i would go for Intel chipset (865 i think - the one with single channel memory controller) or even Laptop with Centrino CPU inside cause it worx nice with lap (when you turn off that dynamic CPU power saving ****e which crashes LAP).
Btw ALL "undo might get smaller" errors i've seen are on AMD nforce machines (And i've build /worked on/debugged quite lots of them)