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Originally Posted by Rodney Gene
That is totally selfish....and 'bent'.

Your opinion not mine.

I believe you should get paid what you feel you deserve, not what other people are charging.

[QUOTE=Rodney Gene]
Either be 'good' at a 'specific level defined by whatever (and have the track record) to charge $10,000 to mix a record...or do it for free? /QUOTE]

Bro don't put words in my mouth.

I never said $10K.

I said 8 songs for $1000 is too low.

The averages out to $125 per song..

What if the mix takes 8-10 hours.

That's $15 an hour.

Interns get paid that much here in the city.

If you feel that's what your worth than more power to you.

Originally Posted by Rodney Gene

Earth to Thrill...Hello?.... ...hey bro...What about the majority of folks who are 'in between' those levels? 'The MOST of rest of the world' folks?

I didn't see him post:

Wanted unknown or unproven mixing engineer to experiment on my mixes and hopefully give me something that i will like.

He says he wants a good engineer with work and sound he is familiar with.

That means someone with a name and some kind of record.

And these guys don't come cheap.

Originally Posted by Rodney Gene
This isn't a major release...this isn't even an Indy release...This is SELF produced..HOME recorded album....PLEASE show some support for that market.
Dude i mix records like this all the time.

Budgets are tight and clients now care more about haggling for the best price than the sound.

The name mixers i know right now are doing the same also.

The majority of the work out there right now is independent.

The major projects just take too long to get paid.

You have to balance both somehow.

Originally Posted by Rodney Gene
Where and when does an 'inspiring' "up and coming or bonafide mix person, engineer, or producer get paid?.
To be honest my friend i couldn't care less.

I feel the market is full of wannabees killing the marketplace.

Everyone with a freaking home studio is charging bottomn rates to pay for all the gear they spent reading forumns like this.

They call themselves engineers,mixers,Mastering Engineers and producers when they have no business doing any of the above.

Stick to being an artists,writer or private enthusiasts.

Or just make producing your private hobby.

This way you can justify it to yourself,your wife and your accountant.

Let the work go to the people who have really earned it and deserve it.

This is my opinion only.

And yeah i don't care what you or other people think on this.

Originally Posted by Rodney Gene
When is it 'OK' to accept money for your years of experience? (Despite your track record)
It's not through 'years' of Interning at some successful studio.

Gee...wonder why the industry turned this way?

Doesn't anybody ever consider why musicians chose SELF recording?.
This sounds to me like one of the biggest excuses.

People will pay Jonathan Anton $500 for haircut at his salon.

They will pay up to $1k for a pair of shoes, a handbag, $5K for an Armani suit.

You pay $100-150 an hour to get things repaired.

Here in NYC people pay $11 to go see a movie.

Why should it be different if you are an excellent engineer?

I don't see people cutting their own hair to get the Anton look at home(even though he makes housecalls and charges up to double).

Or making their own Prada shoes and handbags and suits.

I see some of the techs here encouraging the engineers to do their own techwork, but who is actually doing it?

You just want things to work and you will pay whatever it takes.

You think $11 bucks is too high for a movie(I do)?

But you don't see me or others trying to make their own movies for their enjoyment.

This is the only business where things are ass backwards.

Everyone wants to be the Superstar artist,who produces an engineers his own stuff, with the project studio with all the gear to be King Gearslut and at the same time make all the money and pay nothing if you need outside services.

Originally Posted by Rodney Gene
Why save YOU...why not save ME?
Who cares about YOU when I need to care about ME?
Who cares about 'another' head in my beer story? ...I have my own....

The 'pro audio' industry is alive and BOOMMING...It is only the expensive, high overhead studios who are having trouble...few people can AFFORD them.
The guy said he wanted to go to a big studio with a big board.

He didn't say i want to go to someone's home studio and mix on your computer through some controller.

Engineers over the years build relationships at some of the bigger studios for situations specific as this.

Because its a smaller project you can negotiate a fair rate and not have the client get involved.

This works best for everyone.

If you don't have those contacts its a moot point.

You build contacts by bringing them business not schmoozing with them at some party.

Originally Posted by Rodney Gene

You want to support the 'studios'?...Then support the person who get's the 1k mixing job for a home record. That guy is working...that 'home' record may end up with 500,000 downloads.


No i will tell that guy to fuuck off and open his eyes to see things around him.

The lower he charges the lower the next client will try to get away with.

That's the way business works.

If he holds to his standard(a reasonable rate even for a nobody) than everyone around him benefits.

This business will only survive if we stick together or in the end it will just end up as an expensive hobby.