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Originally Posted by Umlaaat
c'mon.. someones got some dirt on some of these cats making the hits.

after all, beef and gossip are a HUGE part of hip hip hooray...
Beef and gossip are not a huge part of Hip-Hop. These are huge parts of how money gets made off wack albums and artists. Mostly though, these are the parts that keeps Hip-Hop from being respected throughout the music industry for reasons other than money.

It's time for Hip-Hop to evolve again. Not go back to the 80's but evolve into the 21st century. Beef and gossip make all of us who are involved in this side of music look immature and ignorant. Not titles I like put on me and what I do because some studio gangsta like 50 or Ja Rule needs a boost in album sales. Real killaz don't talk...real killaz don't rap.

dfegad Beef and Gossip