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ugh i hate that error ,i still dunno what's causing it but it seems all moherboards with dual channel memory controller are capable of starting war with logic.
Also some vst plugins and instruments can cause that memory"loop" somehow (stylus RMX).If you're using 3 memory modules get rid of one - it helped in one case - trick was to disable dual channel memory mode ( on some motherboards there's dedicated - usually third memory slot which is used for "activation" of dual channel - avoid that slot ).If you're having 2 x1 gig memory take one outta machine -that way u definately won't start dual channel mode in bios.
Removing memory houngry plugins then saving song then add them again can help sometimes - but it seems that LAP 551 days are over here .
Some new vst plugs don't work -theres no dely comp on busses ....It's either Nuendo 3 or Logic on mac in the future ....