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Logic PC-MAC Issue

(sorry about the english in advance)

i was working on Logic on my PC for the last 3 years or so...
a few month ago i bought AMD 3800+2GB RAM and installing logic 5.5.1.
logic dosnt stop sending me error msg such as "out of memory" or "undo might get smaller".
of course this is inposible cuse i've got 2GB RAM!
i search the net and found that there is no solution to this problem what so ever.
what crazy me is that some ppl works on this system like me with no errors at all.
thoes errors can't let you work , it's happen in every little action i'm doing at the arrange window or when i press the red botton.

i am a logic freak.

i can't work with any other platform out there , beside protools that i like.
but PT needs hardware such M-audio or DIGI002.
and the big NO is that she's got only 32 audio channels!!

i am in a deep deep deep issue here.

i would love to buy my self G5 2.0GHZ and work with logic.
i am aware to this system , i'm working on it at anoher studio.
i don't care apple moves to intel , i need a system right here right now.

what should i do?

i really want to buy myself a G5 but i have no money to logic 7.1 pro (1000$)
so i thinking my self working on the express version.
but than i find out that this version give me only 8 bus!!!! (logic pro=64 bus)


what should i do???

cubase.nuendo.samplitude. is out of the question.

does any1 here works smooth and stable with logic 5 on PC?

i'm working almost everything on audio.

just a word about the apple -
I like the design, but the Mac is no babe magnet - my dog does a better job @ that. I need a workstation, not a bloody beauty salon.

logic pro need a dongle which i will never get without buying it.

what would you do or what did you do?