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Old 11th February 2009
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avedis ma5 - still loving it?

i'm just getting into the 500 series this week (currently picking out my first 6-10 units) and i'm planning to get a few channels of avedis ma5. i'm definitely ordering them either way, just wondering if it's still as highly regarded as it was when it came out? there was such a frenzy of activity, with everyone saying it's as good as, or better than, a 1073. but now it doesn't seem to be mentioned much. are people still into them?

btw- the 500 units i definitely want are:

2 x ma5
2 x anamod 660
2 x derresser

then i'm not sure. i was thinking about adding a channel or two of pacifica (p-1), maybe purple action, i'll need 2 channels of good EQ. i don't know... this whole 500 thing is slutty as hell; i'm sitting here with my wallet in hand, like 15 windows open on my pc, making lists and diagrams and ****.